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Meet the Cannons

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Jay Cannon

Inge Cannon’s four decades of professional experience include fifteen years of elementary and high school classroom teaching, seven years as principal of a private school and day care center (K3-12), ten years of intensive work in curriculum development (both for the Advanced Training Institute of America and Education PLUS), and five years of federal lobbying work during her tenure as Executive Director of the National Center for Home Education. She has also directed evaluation programs and taught courses in educational assessment at the college and graduate school level. Over the past 25 years, Mrs. Cannon has ministered to thousands of home school families through her dynamic seminar presentations and thought-provoking publications.

Education leaders highly endorse Mrs. Cannon’s work. Bill Gothard, Founder of the Institute for Basic Life Principles and the Advanced Training Institute program, states: “Inge Cannon has keen insight into the philosophical battlefields within education” and is “very articulate in explaining them to laymen.”

Michael Farris, Chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association and Chancellor of Patrick Henry College, adds: “Inge Cannon has insights—and the ability to communicate those insights—which will help every home school family strive for excellence in raising their children.”

“Classroom teachers along with parents whose children are enrolled in traditional schools will benefit from hearing the ‘myths, hearsay, and educational shibboleths’ challenged by Inge Cannon,” according to Dr. George Youstra, President Emeritus of Clearwater Christian College in Florida.

Sharon Grimes, home school pioneer and founder of New York State LEAH, describes Inge Cannon as “having her finger on the pulse of the home education movement! She is a gifted and well-educated speaker who is able to help home school parents fill in the missing pieces, diagnose problem areas, and discover workable solutions.”

Dr. Bob Jones, III, Chancellor of Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC, says, “Inge Cannon has more feel for the home school movement’s needs and more dynamic energy to address those needs than almost anybody I know. God has gifted her with a brilliant mind, organizational and writing skills, and an intense love for the home education concept and those involved in it. She has the Scriptural underpinnings and balance to make her a vital contributor to the cause.”

Dr. Ronald Jay Cannon is a retired healthcare executive who served his country for 24 years with distinction as a military officer with the United States Air Force Medical Service Corps. Because he has an intense interest in studying the Scriptures, he has added to his professional experience several conservative seminary degrees in theology and biblical studies. Dr. Cannon currently directs the outreach and development of Education PLUS as its founder and president. Together the Cannons have served the national home school community for more than 25 years.